What are the options available to me for the shipping of the job?
You can have your job delivered to you by either air-courier (Federal Express / DHL) or air-freight (air-cargo)
Air Courier:
Job is delivered at your door. Higher cost than air-freight. (becomes especially significant for larger orders). Delivery time 7 working days from despatch. This is the cost shown in the Online Quotes �section. www.winreplicas.com
Air Freight:
Job delivered at your nearest international airport. You have to collect it from there. Lower cost than air-courier. (becomes especially significant for larger orders). Delivery time about 6-7 days from despatch.
What are the proofing options?� You have multiple proofing options.
Press Proof:
For the most demanding jobs where exacting colour matching has to be done, we always�recommend a press-proof. This is comparatively more expensive, but as we print on the printing�press using the same inks and same paper as the final job, it is a very accurate predictor of color.
Inkjet proof:
A large-format HP-2500CP inkjet printer and an Epson 3000 inkjet printer are used for proofing. Both these are colour-calibrated and fully PostScript compatible. These give fairly accurate colour �proofs which are suitable for all but the most demanding jobs. These are also much cheaper than press-proofing and less time-consuming.
PDF Soft-Proof:
We check to see if all required elements are present in the files that you submit, and make required changes (if any). We then make a PDF file of the job and email it to you for your approval. All you need is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (pre-installed on most computers), to open them. You can check your text and graphic element positioning and let us know if there are any changes required or give us your approval.
What are your turnaround times?
Turnaround times depend on the job. For leaflets and flyers,Best Replica Watches your order is usually put on the courier/air-freight in 2-3 working days from receiving your approval. For jobs with lamination and other such operations and books, it takes an extra 1-2 working days depending on the operations involved.
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